Best Rheumatologist In Sugar Land Tx

Best Rheumatologist In Sugar Land Tx – Latifah Fakoya, D., with the medical staff of the Houston Methodist Rheumatology Association, located in Medical Office Building 2 on the Houston Methodist Sugarland Hospital campus. He will begin seeing patients on May 14

Fakoya is a fellowship-trained rheumatologist who is board certified in rheumatology and internal medicine. He received his MD in Osteopathic Medicine from the New Southeastern University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale and completed postdoctoral work at the University of Georgia School of Medicine in August and a fellowship in rheumatology at the University of Utah. in Salt Lake City

Best Rheumatologist In Sugar Land Tx

The pain, swelling and stiffness associated with rheumatic diseases and disorders can be debilitating if left untreated, Facoya says. “Today, however, we have a variety of treatment options that can help reduce or eliminate these symptoms, allowing patients to lead active and healthy lives. If you have arthritis or another rheumatic disease, ask to see a rheumatologist and we can develop a treatment plan based on your needs and lifestyle.

Latifa Fakoya, D.o. Joins Houston Methodist Rheumatology Associates

“Dr. Facoya’s experience and knowledge will be an invaluable asset to our team,” said Angela McCann, MD, of the Houston Methodist Association of Rheumatology. Treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, inflammatory muscle disease, psoriasis and reactive arthritis, spondyloarthritis, etc. “

“I am excited about the opportunity to start serving the Bendberg community and look forward to helping patients better manage these serious diseases,” said Fakoa.

To learn more about Houston Sugarland Methodist Hospital, visit or our Facebook page at for the latest news, events and information. Pictured here is Sugar Land’s board-certified rheumatologist, Dr. Angela McCain He is also a wildlife photographer His bird photographs will be on display at the George Memorial Library in Richmond from January 31 to March 18. Larry Pullen

George Memorial Library is hosting a wonderful exhibit of bird photography in the library’s Bohachevsky Gallery at 1001 Gulfview in Richmond from January 31st through March 18th.

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An opening reception for the exquisite blackbird photography exhibit, Photography by Angela McCain, is scheduled for Sunday, January 31, from 2-4 p.m. The public is invited to attend

The exhibition will feature selected photographs by Dr. Angela McCann, who specializes in bird photography without practice. A Sugar Land board-certified rheumatologist, Dr. McCain discovered his passion for nature photography seven years ago. He finds the serenity and beauty he experiences while exploring nature with his camera to be the perfect break from his busy medical practice.

He discovered his photographic “North Star” among birds while visiting family in East Texas. A snow storm froze the ground, but the bright red cardinal contrasted with the snowy background, and he didn’t want to capture the beauty on camera. Photo Again, he didn’t think the first photo “Cardinal in Cold Bush” was particularly good, but it piqued his interest enough to pursue photography on a deeper level.

His desire to improve his photography skills has led him to travel to many parts of the world to study with world-renowned bird photographers such as Brian E. Small and Alan Murphy.

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Alan Murphy is considered by many to be the man who changed bird photography today, McCann said. “His expertise is not only in photographing birds, but in creating some of the most beautiful and artistic photos you’ve ever seen.”

His travels took him to Alaska, where he got up close and personal with eagles Last summer he traveled to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, where he photographed children swimming in a clear spring lake with majestic mountains behind them. The year before, he traveled to South Africa to photograph birds and large mammals in the wildlife sanctuary of the Kruger National Park.

While he also wanted to explore other parts of the world, he found that many of the birding opportunities were actually in his own backyard.

“I never really set out to be a bird photographer, but it’s always been there,” McCain said. I’m lucky to live on the Texas coast – one of the most ‘bird watching’ places in the world!

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Exhibits can be viewed during library opening hours For more information, call the 3Dr Library System Public Information Office at 281-633-4734.1 Lawrence Fan is a Houston native who has worked in pediatrics for over 26 years. Show more Show less

Houston native Dr. Lawrence Fan has worked in pediatrics for more than a quarter century. He has been practicing the art of surfing for ten years.

Fan graduated from Bel Air High School and Houston Baptist University before going to Baylor College of Medicine, where he completed his residency. During this time, he abandoned his childhood love of surfing to focus on his career.

“About the first year or two (after I started surfing again at 50) I took a hit because I wasn’t in good shape to surf. But I dived a lot and got better and now it’s fun,” Fan said.

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In Texas, Fan frequents Surfside and Matagorda, but he has also surfed in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Hawaii, California and the East Coast.

“It is a healthy game,” he said. “If you spend the day surfing, your exercise is really good,” he said.

Fan said his favorite thing about surfing is being in the moment and reacting to the waves At work, she likes to see the children in her care grow up

“I see babies that I saw long ago grow up, get married and have children. Now I can see their children. I almost feel like a big dad,” he said.

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“I have a really good family. I’m passionate about loving my wife and my two kids,” he said.

Fan and his wife Alice have two children Kevin is a UT graduate and Michael is a senior at A&M, which means splitting the season.

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