Best River Cruises In Asia

Best River Cruises In Asia – Laos not only has great mountains and vast plateaus, the majestic Mekong River also flows through this country, so if you are tired of the road, choose the river with the best cruise.

We are interested in doing a boat trip in January/February 2023 ideally to/from Chiangsan to Vientiane, but we will settle for Luang Prabang to/from Vientiane. If the 3-star boat is clean and has a mosquito net, we will be happy with that, although 5-star is also fine. Can you please let me know the availability, price, quality, time, entry/Covid requirements and route. Thank you very much. John and Charlie

Best River Cruises In Asia

Currently there are not many cruise lines operating in Laos, I have checked and the only possibility is the Mekong Sun Cruise on February 8th from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. If you can travel this date, let me know and I will book it for you.

Of The Best River Cruises In The World Times Travel

My partner and I want to take a boat in Laos from Luang Prabang to Vientiane around September 2, 2022. ? We would be interested in a slow boat or a fast boat if available.

We are sorry that at this time we do not have a boat service between Luang Prabang and Vientiane, you can choose to travel by plane to train.

I am traveling solo on a tight budget, but I would like to take a Mekong River Cruise. Which one is recommended?

Heritage Line offers some departures with a free Solo – Solo Supplement to save you money. Available to depart in July, August 2022. Which month can you travel with us?

The Golden Triangle

Yes, they operate a cruise line. Mekong Sun was built in 2006 with 14 cabins and Mekong Pearl Cruise was built in 2017

As with most other Lao Cruises, there is no lodge for an overnight stay on the Luang Say Cruise, but we will stay overnight at the Luangsay Lodge. You can see more information about the detailed itinerary. Aqua Mekong Embark on a cultural adventure through Cambodia and Vietnam aboard one of Asia’s best river cruises

With its stunning presence on the Mekong River, Aqua Mekong features contemporary architecture and interiors by renowned architect Noor Design. The Mekong River Cruise’s 20 spacious air-conditioned rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the Mekong landscape. Aqua Mekong also received the Gold Award in the Architecture/New Construction category at the Asian Hotel Design Awards 2015. With its commitment to safety and comfort, Aqua Mekong remains a leader in luxury tourism in Cambodia and Vietnam.

As Aqua Mekong traces its luxurious path through Cambodia and Vietnam, guests embark on a journey inspired by local flavors with a dining experience created by Michelin-starred consultant chef David Thompson. The ship’s bar menu, created by renowned spirits expert and cocktail designer Proof & Co, reflects the same local sourcing philosophy.

The Highlights Of A Mekong River Cruise

Aqua Mekong guarantees the best safety, comfort and exclusivity for sea travel, as Aqua Expeditions owns and operates a fleet of private sailing boats on the Mekong River. Four ergonomically designed sailboats take guests on a special day trip to explore the Mekong Delta. Cruise the Mekong river to landmarks, temples and villages steeped in tradition, spirituality and craftsmanship. Also available for private charter trips.

Embark on a cultural odyssey through Cambodia and Vietnam on the best river cruise in Asia

With its stunning presence on the Mekong River, Aqua Mekong features contemporary architecture and interiors by renowned architect Noor Design. The ship’s 20 spacious, air-conditioned rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer uninterrupted panoramic views of the Mekong. Aqua Mekong also received a gold award in the architecture/new construction category at the Asia Hotel Design Awards 2015.

Aqua Mekong guarantees the best safety, comfort and exclusivity for sea travel, as Aqua Expeditions owns and operates a fleet of private sailing boats on the Mekong River. Four ergonomically designed sailboats take guests on private day trips to landmarks, temples and villages where tradition, spirituality and craftsmanship come alive.

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Excellent safety features include radio communication with a separate battery pack, satellite phone, Carley floating life raft, flares and signals, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in each cabin, automatic defibrillator on board.

Ten premium Cannondale mountain bikes are provided free of charge on board for passengers to explore during their beach trip.

Passengers are accommodated in 20 rooms designed on two decks. Each measures 30 square meters / 322 square feet; 8 with balconies and 12 without.

Four additional aluminum sailboats are equipped with two four-stroke low emission engines; continuous radio communication with the lead vessel. Each boat has a capacity of 10 passengers.

Asia River Cruises

“A few years ago my wife said to me: ‘I’m going to go to the Amazon and take this boat.’ So began our exploring adventure with Aqua Expeditions. The Amazon is incredible with guides who know the culture, fauna and wildlife. The next year we traveled to Vietnam and took Aqua Mekong it was just as luxurious and the guides were brilliant. We returned last year to Aqua Mekong with 20 my closest friend to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday. In September, we are going to Indonesia for a 19-day Cruise on Aqua Blu Aqua Expeditions is the only cruise that I trust enough to doubt that the sanitation policy will guarantee a safe trip Great staff, warm and knowledgeable, from the kitchen to the skiff Thank you for everything.”

“Juliana, Nakey & Crew! One word sums up the beautiful boat and the amazing service = wow!! This week was one of the best travel weeks you will ever have! You are all so kind and thoughtful and nothing is too much trouble. Life is about people and your people are the best!! We will not forget this week – it is etched in our memories forever! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!”

“We love Aqua Mekong for the people and the experience. The staff is insanely good, the boat is beautiful, the food is amazing. The highlight is the exceptional guides and activities.”

“It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I will never forget it. Thank you for everything.”

When Is The Best Time To Go River Cruising In Europe And Asia?

“You will not find nicer people in the whole world than on this boat. The whole team is too good for words. Thank you so much for making this trip amazing.

“It’s all about the people. Thanks to the amazing crew who treated us like their own family.

“An unforgettable atmosphere like this with the friendliest staff members. Thank you very much for an experience I will never forget. I wish the entire Mekong team the best and I hope I get the chance to see you again!”

“Thanks to the Aqua Mekong crew for the trip of a lifetime! From Nakey and Jhuliana’s warmth, to Pegrak understanding the things I love, I feel like a princess. I won’t fake it this time. THANK YOU.”

The Best Luxury River Cruises

“Nakey, Jhuliana and the most amazing team. Thank you for an experience I will cherish forever. Last week you went above and beyond. It was priceless. special sharing with lifelong friends – with each of you by our side making the journey complete. I love you so much and I hope our paths meet again soon.”

“I really love all the culture and experiences you create; it’s very special. Individual, personal, fun and the best quality. Thank you!”

“Many thanks from ‘7 Australias’. We had an unforgettable experience with Aqua Mekong. Special thanks for the care and attention always with a smile. Especially from Dick and Robyn. We will remember the experience forever. Thank you for the care. Congratulations come. Done – everything is great!”

“We had a great stay in this wonderful place, which exceeded all our expectations! The crew and guides were excellent. Of course, the service was impeccable and the food outstanding! So attentive, very professional, the guide was very good, knowledgeable and interesting. Thank you Juliana ! He will never forget you!”

River Cruise Lines: World’s Best 2021

“Excellent! From boarding the Aria Amazon to disembarking, we were well looked after in all areas of the cruise. The guides and staff made the cruise A1 and we will recommend it to all our friends.”

“I have never traveled with such wonderful people and such a well-travelled crew and I am very pleased with the whole experience.”

“I just want to write to you to let you know that we are happy to travel on the 7-day Aqua Mekong cruise that starts on November 10. I have never been interested in cruising but my friend Jon Staub cruises around the world. So when I suggested your ship he said well let’s do it. …it was the best cruise ever!!!

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