Best Schools In Gold Coast

Best Schools In Gold Coast – Gold Coast schools are among the best in Queensland with a good selection of private and public schools across the coast.

A school close to home is an important decision for families to make when choosing their new home. Fortunately, some of the best schools on the Gold Coast are a short drive away, so getting in and out is manageable.

Best Schools In Gold Coast

We know that parents need to do their homework to find the right school for their child. Below we have created a Guide to Gold Coast Schools to help you identify the best private and public schools on the Gold Coast with links to these institutions to provide you with more information.

Junior School News

When choosing a secondary school for your child, there are several factors to consider. A safe and happy learning environment that encourages emotional and intellectual development is a priority for most parents. It is also important that the school accommodates any special needs or interests your child may have – academic, sporting or otherwise.

With that said, let’s take a look at the primary and secondary schools (private and public) in Paradise Point, starting with the closest school.

Southport School – TSS Age: Preparatory – Year 12 plus entry to Year 7 Gender: Boys Religion: Anglican Pupils: 700+

Miami High School 2137-2205 Gold Coast Highway Miami, Qld, 4220 Phone: 07 5554 0333 Email: [email protected] Website:

Sydney North West

Ormeau Woods State High School 148 Goldmine Rd Ormeau, Qld 4208 Phone: 07 5540 9222 Email: [email protected] Website:

Pacific Pines State High School 15 Archipelago Street, Pacific Pines, Qld 4211 Phone: 07 5502 5111 Email: [email protected] Website:

Palm Beach Currumbin High School Thrower Drv Palm Beach, Qld, 4221 Phone: 07 5525 9333 Email: [email protected] Website:

Queensland Academy for Health Sciences (Years 10-12) 102 Edmund Rice Dr Southport, Qld 4215 Phone: 07 5510 1100 Email: [email protected] Website:

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Varsity College Secondary Campus 198 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes Qld 4227 Phone: 07 5562 3575 Email: [email protected] Website:

AB Patterson College 10 A.B. Paterson Drv Arundel, Qld, 4214 Phone: 07 5594 7947 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Co-education; Preparation for year 12

All Saints Anglican School Highfield Drv Merrimac, Qld, 4226 Phone: 07 5530 2855 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Co-education; Preparation for year 12

Assisi Catholic College 173 Billinghurst Crescent, Upper Coomera, Qld 4209 Phone: 07 5656 7100 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

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Coomera Anglican College 99 Days Rd Coomera, Qld, 4209 Phone: 07 5585 9900 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

GOLD COAST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 7-9 Bridgman Drive Reedy Creek, QLD, 4228 Phone: 07 5593 4571 Email: [email protected] Website: Education; 9 years of preparation; Years 10, 11 and 12 introduced 2012 – 2014

Hillcrest Christian College 21 Bridgman Drv Reedy Creek, Qld, 4228 Phone: 07 5593 4226 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Co-education; Preparation for year 12

Kings Christian College 68 Gemvale Road, Reedy Creek Qld 4227 Phone: 07 5587 7600 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

Independent Secondary & P 12 Schools

Livingstone College Reedmans Rd Ormeau, Qld, 4208 Phone: 07 5546 7083 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

Saint Stephen’s College Reserve Rd Coomera, Qld, 4209 Phone: 07 5573 8662 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

Somerset College Somerset Drv Mudgeeraba, Qld, 4213 Phone: 07 5530 4100 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Co-education; Preparation for year 12

St Andrews Lutheran College 175 Talebudgera Creek Road, Andrews Qld 4220 Phone: 07 5534 8522 Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

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St Hilda’s School 52 High St Southport, Qld, 4215 Phone: 07 5532 4922 Website: Details: Girls only school; Preparation for year 12

Southport School Winchester St Southport, Qld, 4215 Phone: 07 5531 9911 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Boys only school; Preparation for year 12

Trinity Lutheran College PO Box 322 Ashmore City, QLD, 4214 Phone: 07 5556 8200 Email: [email protected] Website: Details: Co-educational; Preparation for year 12

Paradise Point is fortunate to be on the quiet northern tip of the Gold Coast, yet a short drive from the M1 Motorway to Brisbane, shopping, entertainment, ferries and schools.

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Some of the best private schools on the Gold Coast, such as AB Patterson College, St Francis Xavier, St Hilda’s and TSS, are within walking distance or easy access by bus.

Good education is very affordable, which is another reason to live in Paradise Point. Contact us here for the latest real estate options in the area. Below is a list of the best and best schools in Gold Coast. To help you find the best schools near you in Gold Coast, we have created our own list based on this list of points.

Somerset College is a co-educational, interdisciplinary, independent school of Christian heritage serving students from Prep to Year 12.

The College strives to be a pioneer and leader in educational innovation, access to nationally and internationally recognized curricula and to develop and nurture relationships with local, national and international institutions of higher education. international and the international community.

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Under their guidance, all students receive the encouragement needed to fully develop their character strengths, academic skills and multiple interests in areas such as music, sports and drama. Individual participation and a high level of commitment are expected of all students.

The College also attaches particular importance to standards of discipline, particularly in language, manners and dress. The college’s philosophy ensures that these standards of behavior are established through high self-esteem and self-discipline. The hallmark of all schools is the desire to help young people grow, develop their talents and let their imagination run wild. Somerset welcomes this challenge and strives to produce valuable and capable young men and women.

Hillcrest Christian College is much more than a university, providing a nurturing environment that upholds their values ​​of ‘Excellence in Christ’. Their outstanding Christian teachers are committed to providing the best educational experience and strive to challenge, enhance and inspire each student’s potential.

Over the years, Hillcrest has embarked on an exciting journey of growth, innovation and change, reshaping education for the 21st century while maintaining the core values ​​envisioned by its founders. in 1982.

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Their classrooms are filled with incredible young men and women, driven by their exceptional character and care for their communities, and their campuses offer the most amazing doctrines and teachings imaginable. They are very blessed and give glory to God for what they are doing at Hillcrest Christian College.

Hillcrest continues to build a strong community supported by its faith. They train and empower their people to fulfill the power God has given them. They increase students’ access to digital learning environments. They also create learning programs that reflect innovation, diversity and participation.

They strive to give their students the confidence and skills to excel in modern society. They are leading Hillcrest into a new phase, based on their commitment to the Great Commission of Christ.

“Can’t talk about Hillcrest anymore. We are blessed to have such a loving, caring and professional staff. My husband and I are both Hillcrest alumni and Hillcrest is where we met and began our 24 year marriage. We both enjoyed our time at Hillcrest and are now honored to send our 4 sons to carry on the tradition, in my opinion Hillcrest is the best school on the Gold Coast. My son loves going to Hillcrest every day, he is loved and cared for there, all his friends are beautiful and well behaved young people, full of confidence and character. A great environment for children of all ages. Director Jeff Davis, his staff and educators are revolutionary in their vision for the future of nature’s most precious.” – Craig Coleman

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Emmanuel College is a co-educational, denominational school of 1,500 students, valued by the Gold Coast community for its strong commitment to academic excellence within a thoughtful, intelligent Christian faith framework. and active.

Their teachers are committed Christians from different churches and denominations. Their students are educated in an environment that emphasizes Christian values ​​and prepares them to live with integrity and high standards in all aspects of life. During his Emmanuel work, each student completes Christian education, learning the basics of the Christian faith. They provide opportunities for Christian ministry and mission to students who want to explore their faith on a deeper level.

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