Best Selling Cars In Dominican Republic

Best Selling Cars In Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic’s auto market fell 16% in 2017 after peaking the previous year when a new all-time high was set. Toyota lost the lead to Hyundai by a wide margin. In third place is another Korean Kia.

Loose monetary policy and strong financial support were the driving force behind strong economic performance in 2017. Annual GDP growth increased from 3.0% in the third quarter to 6.5% in the fourth as increased spending and cheap credit boosted spending and private spending.

Best Selling Cars In Dominican Republic

It’s also possible that high incomes and the recovery of tourism activity after the hurricane at the end of the third quarter contributed significantly to reading. The increase in state support was most noticeable in the construction sector, where employment rose by 15.3%.

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The new car market in the Dominican Republic showed significant growth in 2016, with a new record of 24,396 units. In 2017, sales fell again to 21,425 units (-16%) and were more in line with the decade’s normal volume.

Toyota, which is the market leader, has lost its lead after strong growth reported by Hyundai, which is currently in the lead with sales of 4,278 vehicles. Toyota is in second place with 2,720 sales, several units ahead of third, another Korean Kia.

© Motorcycle Data 2020 – P.IVA 10935821008 – Ancoca s.r.l. Via Solone 18/b 00124 Roma (RM) is equipped with Indonesia’s best selling car in 2016, the Toyota Avanza, with a double second, although it lost in volume. New models of Toyota Calya, Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V are being developed.

In 2016, Indonesia’s domestic auto market registered a modest recovery from the previous year, confirming its leadership in the ASEAN region.

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There are many new models on the bestseller list thanks to the success of the newcomers in the middle of the year.

According to GAIKINDO, the Indonesian Automobile Manufacturers Association, market leader Toyota took the top four spots.

No change for all of 2015, in first place, the Toyota Avanza once again took the lead despite an 8.6% loss, scoring 121,654 points, enough to lag behind the second Toyota Innova, up 4, with 57,493 units ( + 26.6%). ) and third, the new Toyota Kalia with 48,287.

In fourth place is Toyota Agya with 45,009 units sold (-20.6%), followed by Daihatsu Xenia with 44,720 units sold (+35.3%), Honda HR-V with 44,331 units sold (+21.7%) and Honda Mobilio with 39,487 sold (-19.3%). ).

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Daihatsu Ayla is followed by the new Honda BR-V with 38,666 units with 39,087 (+7.2%) and the Daihatsu Grand Max PU in tenth place with 37,996 units (-34.6%).

© Motorcycle Data 2020 – P.IVA 10935821008 – Ancoca s.r.l. Via Solone 18/b 00124 Roma (RM) Here you will find annual car sales statistics for the Dominican Republic. These figures refer to the total market size, which includes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

These figures are from unverified sources and may differ slightly from other data you may find elsewhere. Although we do our best to obtain the most reliable data, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy unless a specific source is indicated at the bottom of the table. However, we are confident that the data presented adequately reflects the volume and direction of the published market. If you have access to a reliable source of Dominican car sales data, including breakdowns for cars and compact cars, or data prior to 2005, please contact us.

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According to preliminary data, the economy contracted 7.2% in the third quarter, less than the 16.9% fall in the second quarter. The weak decline may be due to the initial recovery in tourism following the reopening of borders in July.

In addition, remittances rose in the quarter as the US labor market recovered, which should have supported private consumption. However, the economic situation remains pessimistic, with the hotel, bar and small restaurant sector shrinking as the number of tourists dropped significantly year on year, while the retail and tourism sectors also contracted. If we enter the fourth quarter, the dynamics should improve, there will be more visitors from the third quarter.

However, the curfew extension in mid-October will continue to weigh on domestic employment, and Haiti’s decision to impose an $800 duty on exports to the Dominican Republic will hit the foreign sector, Haiti’s second-largest trading partner.

The Dominican car market in 2020 was affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected sales.

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The new car market grew significantly in 2016 when a new record was set at 24,396 units. In 2017, sales fell again to 21,425 units (-16%) and were more in line with the decade’s normal volume. In 2018, the record recovered slightly. In fact, the year ended with sales at 21,300, up 1.3%.

However, in 2019 the market returned to its negative trajectory. In fact, year-to-date sales in November were 19,288 units against a full-year forecast of 20,996 units, down 1.5%.

In terms of brand, flagship Hyundai (-38.8%) lost 0.8% of its market share this year, followed by Kia (-37.3%) which lost 0.2% of its market share. Toyota (-39.1%) came in third and lost 0.6% of its market share.

The best-selling model in the country is the Hyundai Tucson, which sold 1,485 vehicles (-39.6%) and has a market share of 11.2%.

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