Best Snorkeling In Roatan

Best Snorkeling In Roatan – Shore excursion departs from the cruise ship dock or is a 15-minute walk from the cruise ship dock.

Attire recommended We recommend wearing a bathing suit under comfortable clothing and sneakers or walking shoes. Beach towels, sunglasses and sunscreen are also provided.

Best Snorkeling In Roatan

Restrictions The minimum age to participate is 10 years old. Guests must be in good health and able to paddle (intermittently) for approximately one hour. Guests looking to snorkel should feel comfortable in the water and return to the kayak after their swim. All guests must wear the buoyancy vest provided. This tour can only accommodate up to 5 people at a time.

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After meeting your driver in the pier area, you’ll drive approximately 30 minutes along a scenic route with spectacular views of Roatan’s reefs to reach your departure point. Unlike the big snorkel tours, this one leaves from a North Shore beach where you won’t find the West End crowd.

You will meet your knowledgeable guide, who will provide you with life jackets and snorkeling equipment. Then they explain the basic paddling techniques for their kayak, which is a single-seat, seated style.

Once you’re confident in your kayak, you’ll set off on your small Roatan tour group, no more than 5 people at a time, in calm waters behind barrier reefs and deserted beach walkways and mangroves.

You will kayak along the beautiful coast for about an hour before returning to the dive shop. From here you will be taken by boat to the diving area where you can explore the underwater waters. For guests who don’t want to swim, you have the option of staying at the Turquoise Bay Resort where you can walk on the beach, play in the water or enjoy one of the delicious tropical drinks, soft drinks or beers available for purchase at the restaurant. there is a beach. taste.

Roatan Best Experience Excursion

Note: This tour can only accommodate up to five people at a time. A Roatan Marine Park fee of USD 5 per person (surcharge) is charged upon arrival.

We had a lot of fun. Swimming was great and my wife loved kayaking in the mangroves.

The directions on where to meet were clear, concise, correct and easy to follow. We found our driver and had to wait a few minutes for the others in the group. The trip was exactly what we expected and the driver was very safe and competent. The dive shop was great, he signed our waivers and then we took a short boat ride to the reef area for a guided snorkel. We saw beautiful corals and fish, including trumpet fish, starfish, stingrays and eagle rays. After we showered, they enjoyed water and fresh fruit. We stashed our gear and were taken to the resort, given a quick tour, then grabbed our kayaks (you can go once or twice) and headed out to the mangroves with our guide – absolutely beautiful!! We had a lot of time. Finally, we ended up relaxing at a beach resort and found a very relaxing atmosphere! I recommend this trip.

This trip was amazing! The diving was great and the reef appeared to be in very good condition. We were four people with a great guide. We chose to spend all our time swimming or on the beach rather than kayaking. A very good lunch and free drinks were also provided. In the end, we had time to rest on the beach. The beach was beautiful, with thatched roof huts and plenty of lounge chairs. Just off the shore was a wooden swing set in the water, perfect for relaxing with a beer after a swim. I recommend this tour!

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Snorkeling to this amazing reef was the highlight of our trip. Reef was great as was our guide. We had a long chat with the owner and he and his team are amazing. (Disclaimer: My only disclaimer is that local authorities let these tourist groups off port property, so finding them is a bit tricky. In this case, it was perfect).

A fun and easy way to dive into the reef. Good support for hesitant divers. A long way to go for a beautiful sport. Kayaking was a hit with traders.

Beautiful reef for snorkeling They were very reserved and we had to leave before we could kayak.

Small shore excursions typically include 2 to 20 people, providing a more personalized experience than larger cruises offered by cruise lines.

Reasons To Dive Roatan

Standard Shore Excursions usually have 20 to 50 people. These tours are similar in size to cruise lines. While the volume of these day trips is higher, our focus is always on high quality.

Private Shore Excursions allow you to travel with just your group. For groups of 4 or more, we can usually arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a basic cruise excursion.

Light/Minimum Physical Activity: Only light walking is required and no major climbing is required. You may need to negotiate several steps.

Moderate physical activity: Moderate walking is required and you may be required to climb a full flight of stairs and/or negotiate uneven terrain.

Visit The Best Beaches Near Roatan Island

Vigorous/Significant Physical Activity: Requires a lot of walking and/or climbing, often on unpaved and uneven terrain. You must be in good health if you book one of these tours.

Your booking confirmation will contain specific instructions on where and when to start each of your trips. It also includes instructions on what to do in case of problems with the guide. (8 km) wide. But even so, fans constantly praise the number of experiences the island offers in its square mile and say it’s one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. The island is much loved for its stunning beaches and wonderful marine life due to its location along the second largest barrier reef in the world. If you’re considering this as your first tropical vacation, here are the best places to dive and enjoy the amazing water world on Roatan!

The best months for a diving vacation in Rotan are from February to August. This is because there is no significant rainfall during these months. During the wet season, visibility here is typically 25 to 45 m (80 to 150 ft). Of course, it falls when it rains.

Temperatures are pretty consistent throughout the year in Roatan, with summers averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8 C) and winters averaging 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 C). On the west side of the island, shallow reefs are easily accessible, with large colorful fish and wrecks that delight divers and snorkelers. The north coast, mountainous, is exposed to the wind, so there are no diving spots in this area.

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The sea is very warm 82-84F (28-29C) all year round so there is no need to bring a wetsuit but make sure you bring sunscreen as it is easy to get sunburned.

West Bay Beach is one of Roatan’s most popular and exciting dive spots on the far west island. It’s a major seaside town where most of the luxury hotels are located and palm trees sway on the white sand beaches, but the most beautiful things are under the waves!

Through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, many colorful coral waterfalls bring home plenty of Atlantic anchovies, parrotfish and a variety of angelfish. Even the diving here comes into contact with sea chicks and butterflies.

This is the beach in front of the Grand Roatan Resort that gives access to one of the best diving spots on the island.

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Our recommendation is to stay at the Grand Roatan Resort as this is where the corals are located. About 10 meters from the coast, close to the black rock wall, is the coral first, which approaches as it leaves the coast and reaches the outer reef. You will feel good swimming in the aquarium!

Starfish Alley is another great dive spot in Roatan’s West End. It is located between West Bay and West Spring and the beach is easily accessible by following signs around the island that lead to West Bay. You won’t want to miss the dozens of stunning Caribbean starfish under the sea at this unique spot under three feet of water.

The best diving here can be found 150 yards/meters east of a restaurant called Beach Bites.

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