Best Steak Restaurants In Amsterdam

Best Steak Restaurants In Amsterdam – There are so many great places to have a steak in Amsterdam, so we’ve rounded up the best for you. Texture conscious restaurants will be superior and you will always get the best juicy steak.

For a midweek or special occasion, high-end restaurants have casual seating. This list has something for everyone.

Best Steak Restaurants In Amsterdam

So, grab a friend and get ready to eat some of the best steaks in Amsterdam at one of these amazing places…

Culinary Experience At Mr Porter

In two of the coolest cities in the world (Amsterdam and Barcelona), this is a restaurant that plays at the highest level and wins in style. Their restaurant is elegant and sophisticated, and the staff makes you feel like royalty when you walk in.

Although the menu is extensive, the steak is really what you need. An experience you won’t soon forget.

They focus on organic steaks and really good salads here, and their great food has built a very loyal customer base. The steaks are cooked on a special Josper charcoal grill, which gives them a strong flavor and makes them incredibly juicy on the inside. A visit here is not an experience you will soon forget.

A lively restaurant that opened in Amsterdam in 1973. You know any place will be popular after half a century.

Best Restaurants In Amsterdam Oost

The steaks are fantastic and cooked at high heat for maximum flavor. What really makes this place stand out is the lively atmosphere in the room and the excellent service. One of the best places to eat steak in Amsterdam.

If you love meat, Amsterdam is the place to come because they have you covered on almost all fronts.

Their main course is the best in town and worth a visit just to try it alone, but you can’t ignore the steak when you’re here. Choose from a variety of cuts with many flavorful sauces and side dishes.

They are known for their delicious meat-based dishes, including rotisserie chicken and amazing burgers. Steak is the undisputed champion on the menu.

Bariloche Steak & Burger Amsterdam In Amsterdam

Use the best dry-cured meat and cook it over high heat or on the grill to get a perfectly browned outside and a perfectly pink center. If you really want to eat, they also make great cocktails.

They produce the best local meat and pay great attention to the products in general. They unashamedly claim to be a meat lover’s paradise and serve up some classic dishes.

You can choose from a wide selection of beef cuts, from 150g to 2.3kg, to share…or not!

This is a really good restaurant. They serve lobster and beef tenderloin on one of the best surf and turf scallops you’ll ever try.

The Best Restaurants In Amsterdam

With a view of the city’s most beautiful canal, the Keizersgracht, you will enjoy every bite of this wonderful meal. At Uptown Meat Club in Amsterdam you can enjoy the most delicious meat dishes. Try our salty filet salad or sink your teeth into a juicy steak. In addition to delicious steaks and sandwiches, you can enjoy delicious French fries and homemade desserts at Uptown Meat Club, so don’t know what to choose? Check out our menu.

Uptown Meat Club is located in the heart of Amsterdam, between Vondelpark and P.K. Hooftstraat. Our premium steakhouse in Amsterdam is a true meat lover’s paradise.

Our beef comes from Dutch dual purpose cows, a breed suitable for both dairy and meat production. Our Mibrasa charcoal stove provides the finishing touch!

Our menu has a mix of modern and classic dishes. Enjoy dry-aged steaks, cold cuts and delicious desserts to share.

Flat Iron Steak

Best burger I’ve ever tasted and a cold IPA, both were good. Marina was very surprised by the dessert. I had to go back to the airport and it saved me a trip to a tourist bar. Thanks for the great service Bernie. I will definitely return to Uptown Meat Club when I return to Amsterdam

I had dinner here with my wife last weekend. What a great restaurant! Nice atmosphere and very friendly staff to give you a good time. Then the food was good too. A great cut of meat on a charcoal grill/oven. It was a joy to eat there. Whether you’re KETO or low carb like us, you can enjoy the entire menu #KETO #koolidraatarm #bestrestaurantintown

Amazing!! I went to this restaurant for dinner with my wife and children. The hotel recommended this steakhouse to us. Thank you very much for this can. The steak was perfect for us to share. We love to eat meat, but this meat is different than the previous restaurants. Excellent and great offer. The children were also very happy. They even got coloring pages and good ice cream service. A good conclusion to our visit to Amsterdam.

We had a great meal at Uptown Meat Club last week. They have a great menu and friendly staff. Recommended for those who want a good piece of meat on their plate. Not only suitable for tourists, but also for “locals” who want to eat really well!

The Best Steakhouses In America, According To Opentable

Excellent meat – the 28-year-old Chateaubriand fillet melts in your mouth. Side dishes are also good, and of course drinks. Friendly, knowledgeable customer service doesn’t always make reservations to keep people like us happy. A truly enjoyable experience at the best steakhouse in Amsterdam – highly recommended for all meat lovers.

Had a great meal at this restaurant with family members. High quality for meat lovers. For example, chateauand to bare his fingers. We enjoyed a lovely paired Malbec red wine. Homemade desserts and very tasty. Friends who make you feel like guests. A good explanation of the dishes. The prices are higher than your average steakhouse, but it was worth it!

Finally, the restaurant not only welcomes you with hospitality, but you can also enjoy quality food accompanied by the best wines. Highly recommended for central Amsterdam. High quality cooking with traditional vegetables. They are prepared by one of the best chefs who are passionate about meat. Excellent! You can find steak on the menu at any bar or restaurant, but you won’t find the best tender steak anywhere. Meat eaters will love Amsterdam’s favorite steakhouses.

Let’s face it, we could all use a little more South American fire in our boring American bones. Bring back that fire with an Argentinian steak from Salmuera. The restaurant takes its name from the sea that Argentina uses to make its steaks flavorful and tender. After the meat is cooked right in front of you on a traditional asado grill, you’ll enjoy the most tender steaks you can eat in front of Sal’s cinematic neon light amidst raw brick walls. It’s a good place for a date, because it’s not a hot night if it doesn’t start bleeding.

X Steak Restaurants In Amsterdam // Your Little Black Book

Culinary festivals are held at Sagardi Basque Restaurant, where Galician meat is often at the center of the fair. Expect original and exciting dishes such as steak tartare with Belza mushrooms or sweet bread. The highlight is the Basque Cote de Boeuf, a type of crust that is prepared on the grill and seasoned with plenty of sea salt, making it incredibly juicy and mind-blowing. The service here is friendly, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the regular menu is full of food

Pendergast may be the name of a Norse god of the hunter, but it’s also the name of this cozy smokehouse near West Park. Here the meat is prepared American style, low and slow, steamy and hot, covered in Dutch fruit wood smoke. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant gives you the comfort of your own home, even if you are not eating such delicious meat. Black Angus is beside him with a glass of aromatic whiskey. This is how it should be.

The legendary Loetj’s has six locations in Amsterdam, and at each location you’ll find a fillet steak you’ll remember for a week. Loetje aan IJ steak tastes even better, especially because of the large terrace over the water. The steak is served in a heavy pool and you immediately understand why the two parts are not really.

The name says it all: At Cannibal Royale, you don’t want to eat, be rude, or be overly polite. Everything here revolves around meat, and most importantly, a perfectly prepared steak. However,

The 7 Best Places For Steak In Amsterdam

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