Best Suburbs In Melbourne To Buy

Best Suburbs In Melbourne To Buy – With over 20,000 active listings in Metropolitan Melbourne, the capital of Victoria has experienced one of the strongest short-term rental gains in Australia in the past two years. With nearly 263,700 nights booked in January 2019, Melbourne’s bustling atmosphere and status as a cultural capital make it one of the most lucrative short-term rental areas in the country.

Last year, the average night rate in Melbourne on Airbnb ranged from $ 163 to $ 210 per night, depending on location, property type, number of rooms and seasonality.

Best Suburbs In Melbourne To Buy

The most popular suburbs in terms of occupancy are on the eastern side of the city center, within a 5 km radius of the popular tourist area with bars, restaurants, cafes and shops.

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Brunswick, Northcote, Collingwood, Brighton, Abbotsford and Albert Park are the most popular suburbs for homes, with Fitzroy, Collingwood, Richmond, Toorak and St Kilda being the most popular all year round.

As in Sydney, the most popular types of accommodation for short-term rentals are two-bedroom properties, which are usually apartments. However, in terms of the type of apartment, suburban houses and apartments behave similarly, regardless of the size of the bedroom.

The impact of seasonality on short-term rentals in Melbourne is less than in Sydney, as the upper suburbs remain almost the same during the warmer and cooler seasons.

With constant occupancy and nightly rates, Melbourne is expected to see projected growth and demand for short-term rental over the next decade.

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Melbourne has a relatively constant occupancy rate throughout the year, rising only slightly in summer (from 62.6% in winter to 68.3% in summer). For example, in Braunschweig, the most popular residential suburb all year round, the occupancy rate is around 71.8% in winter and 78.4% in summer.

In contrast to Sydney, which saw a huge increase in occupancy due to its numerous beaches, the increase in the number of places in Melbourne is likely due to an increase in sporting events and popular culture during the summer.

However, high occupancy throughout the year is guaranteed for suburbs such as Richmond, Collingwood, Brunswick, Abbotsford and Albert Park, which are close to sports and entertainment venues.

Keep in mind that while location, price, and seasonality are integral factors in the success of a short-term rental, other factors such as cleaning, guest experience, amenities, and style are also very important.

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Trying to maintain a steady stream of passive short-term rental income can be overwhelming when you juggle five different roles in addition to your full-time job. In these situations, the short-term rental company is often the most cost-effective and efficient solution, offering extra manpower and expertise and helping to provide a great guest experience.

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Grandma’s Homes Help Solve the Queensland Rental Crisis Queensland homeowners will be able to let Grandma’s flats to outsiders for the next three years. Investor Exodus Fueling Queensland Rental Crisis Revealed: Best Suburbs to Invest and Letting in Brisbane How will investors react to interest rate hikes? Land prices in Adelaide to rise sharply After the Olympics in 2032, in the QLD suburbs, winter ends with a surge in new offers. Lease vacancy continues to shrink, currently at its lowest auction market move until the end of 2022. New rules for Queensland land tax could hit rent implosion Revealed: Sydney’s best suburbs face slowdown 5 green improvements that could give investors tax breaks 5 key trends to kick off the Leafy Diamond Creek spring sale season tops our list of home suburbs in Melbourne. It beats nearby competitors Doncaster East, Sandringham, Newport and Ormond due to its very low crime rate and the number of schools and playing fields.

Our list is based on the number of crimes against property and fraud in municipalities in 2017 (according to the Victorian Government Crime Statistics Agency), the number of public primary and secondary schools, and the number of sports fields and playgrounds in the suburbs. .

Diamond Creek in the Northeast of Melbourne tops the list as the # 1 suburb. This green area is part of the Nillumbik Shire, a Melbourne suburb surrounded by hundreds of acres of nature reserves.

Known for its parks and green spaces, Diamond Creek is perfect for active families. The Diamond Creek Trail is a closed trail between Diamond Creek and Eltham. The tour is ideal for both children and adults and guides hikers to the Eltham North Adventure Playground. The suburbs also host a 5km ParkRun at the Marngrook Oval every Saturday morning.

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Diamond Creek is part of The Artisan Hills area, which is home to many artisans who regularly host agricultural fairs and art fairs, as well as boutique cafes, restaurants, and wineries.

In the adjacent suburbs you will find the Eltham North Adventure Playground and the Diamond Valley miniature train. The annual Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town and the Nillumbik Pet Expo are also important local family attractions.

Also in the Northeast, Doncaster East is a family-friendly suburb thanks to its low crime rate and an exceptionally large number of playgrounds. Three suburban playgrounds, Manna Gum Playground, Currawong Bush Park, and Ruffey Lake Park, are among the Manningham Council’s top five playgrounds. There is also a Playdays indoor playground for rainy days.

Doncaster East has tempting places to eat, including Fine Chocolates Hahndorf and Tai Pan. Beasley’s Teahouse is a child-friendly cafe that started out as a nursery and has been expanded to include a cafe-style menu.

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If you’re in the mood for a bit of culture, the famous Doncaster Playhouse and the family-run Manningham Art Gallery are close to Doncaster.

On the South East Coast, Sandringham ranks third on our list. Families are drawn to these suburban beaches, including Sandringham Beach, Sandy Beach, and Sandringham Dog Beach.

Another seaside bonus is the Sandringham Yacht Club, which offers a school sailing program for children aged 5-12. Sandy Beach Kiosk and Boat Shed both offer windsurfing and kiteboarding courses.

Sandringham also boasts one of Melbourne’s finest ice cream parlors, Lick Me Ice Cream, and one of Melbourne’s finest parks, Allambee Park. This park is also called Truck Park because there are many bumper cars scattered around the park.

Best Suburbs In Melbourne To Invest For Airbnb Rentals

Newport Lakes was once a bluestone quarry and is now a popular park for walking and picnicking. Paisley Park near Altona North offers a variety of sports facilities, including a swimming pool, miniature cable car and lacrosse court.

For families seeking culture, Newport Substation has been transformed into a contemporary art center that hosts the monthly Substation Artist Market. There are several children’s museums in neighboring Williamstown, including the Newport Railway Museum and the HMAS Castlemaine Museum Ship.

The city of Ormond in south-east Melbourne, which has at least 3 public primary schools, is number 5 on our list of family-friendly suburbs.

The suburb is packed with family activities, including the Joyce Park space-themed planetarium. Joyce Park is also home to the historic Box Cottage, which is now a museum that opens monthly. In turn, the E E Gun Reserve is a great open space for sports.

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Culinary, Ormond is known as a gourmet center. Families will love the Ormond Ice Cream Shop and the Mountain of Bears Café, which has a menu full of bear-related word games. Ormond is also one of the restaurants of Judge Masterchef George Calombaris, Jimmy Grant.

Ormond even has a kids’ party venue, Little Party House, where kids can organize themed birthday parties.

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