Best Tattoo Artist In Boise

Best Tattoo Artist In Boise – Talon Tattoo is a family owned tattoo and piercing shop in Boise, Idaho owned by John and Tiffany Lasko. His lead artist, John, has been doing tattoos in Treasure Valley for over 15 years. As a BSU student majoring in Business and Minor in Arts. He sought a career that would allow him to use his passion and artistic skills.

John’s chance was to get a chance to train as a tattoo artist with talented Dave Stone, owner of Broadway, 6th Street and Rose Hill Tattoo. During his first few years working under Dave and other talented artists, John learned much more than just tattooing. In 2005, John completed his full professional training and was awarded the title of “Professional Artist”. He kept his mentor job and worked at 6th Street Studio until the end of 2007.

Best Tattoo Artist In Boise

John’s wife, Tiffany, spent five years as a financial manager for Harley-Davidson majoring in health sciences with CNA, Phlebotomy, and EMT degrees. In 2007, John and Tiffany decided to go it alone with the blessing of their mentors and friends. At that time, they opened the company Talon Tattoo Co, named after their eldest son. The idea was to build a tattoo and piercing shop with comfortable environment, best equipment and sterilization, and always provide customers with original and exquisite tattoos.

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Given the success of her early years, her amazing team, her incredibly strong and loyal client base, and her incredible circle of friends and businesses who have helped support and promote Talon in so many ways, this is nothing else.

The team at Talon Tattoo Co. prides itself on providing high quality tattoo and piercing services in the Boise area and will continue to do so for years to come.

My passion: My family is my biggest passion. I love art and the joy it brings to my life and tattoos.

Specialties: Portrait tattoos, electric kawaii branding, leather perforations, digital design, and discontinued talon tattoos.

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My passion: finding and nurturing the next generation of young artists. There is nothing I love more than getting to know people and what drives them.

My passion: my family, fur kids, my friends. When we worked on making our home a dream home, we always wanted to share it with family and friends

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