Best Tattoo Artists In Eugene Oregon

Best Tattoo Artists In Eugene Oregon – Alec Turner is the founder and senior tattoo artist at Black Label Tattoo Collective, their flagship tattoo studio in Eugene, Oregon. At Black Label Tattoo Collective, the Pacific Northwest’s Premier Tattoo Studio, our tattoo artists push their creative limits every day to provide their clients with stunning tattoo art. From black to full color, from traditional to mixed aesthetics, Black Label tattoo Collective specializes in any style you can think of, so book your appointment today and start your next tattoo right here.

Tattoo artist Alec Turner is highly skilled in a wide variety of styles, from watercolor and surrealism to photorealistic portrait tattoos. Alec uses his experience and talent to bring your vision together from his artistic perspective. Alec is dedicated to creating the best tattoo art in the industry for every client he sees. He takes special care in adapting the composition and placement of his work to each individual. Equally adept at hand-drawn designs and technological tools like the iPad, he uses a blend of timeless skills and advanced techniques to create stunning tattoos.

Best Tattoo Artists In Eugene Oregon

This is a great lion tattoo on the thigh by Alec Turner, we love how the placement compliments the client’s body with this tattoo.

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Do you want a lion tattoo, an animal tattoo, or your own custom Alec Turner tattoo? Book your next tattoo appointment by emailing [email protected]

“Thanks for coming Joe, it was good to be friends with you. For appointments, email:

Black & Grey, Lion Arm Tattoo (featured below) by tattoo artist Alec Turner is from day 1 of the @villainarts Philadelphia Tattoon Convention. It was the first tattoo for Alec’s client, Peter, who drove all the way from Virginia to get a tattoo from one of his favorite tattoo artists.

Keep up to date with Alec Turner’s tattoo convention calendar on his Instagram page and book your next tattoo appointment. “Thanks for traveling to Jordan, I can’t wait to finish this.” Alec Turner, tattoo artist. For appointments and serious questions, please email [email protected].

The Linocut Tattoo By Eugene Nedelko

“Always love to see how my tattoos heal. Client photos from the wing we work in, thanks Lauren. Alec Turner, Tattoo Artist, Black Label Tattoo Collective.

If you’re obsessed with lions, love lions, or just want a talented artist to tattoo a lion on your skin, we recommend tattoo artist Alec Turner.

Leave a comment below if you want a new tattoo from tattoo artist Alec Turner. 💉Welcome to Black Label Tattoo Collective, Eugene’s premier tattoo studio. Led by the most talented tattoo artists in the industry, we push our creative boundaries every day to bring you stunning tattoo art.

From black work to color, from traditional to mixed aesthetics, we specialize in any style you can think of, so book your appointment today and get tattooed!

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Whether you work with founding artist Alec Turner or any member of our carefully selected team, you’ll only be tattooed by Black Label’s best.

Our professional artists are regularly invited to national and international conventions, receive additional training at industry conferences and hone their craft under the guidance of industry masters.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to get started on your next tattoo design, call us today or send us a message.

We also accept walk-ins, so if you’re in the area, stop by the studio.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions. Have more questions or need instructions? Contact us today!

Our shop has a minimum of $100, a minimum deposit of $100 and we usually offer a piece based on $120 per tattoo hour.

In Oregon, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government ID. We cannot under any circumstances tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even if you have parental permission.

Deposits are required to make an appointment. The minimum price is 100 dollars, it all depends on the artist and how long the tattoo will last. The deposit is due at the last hour of the tattoo.

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If you would like to reschedule your appointment, please let us know two days in advance and you can still use your initial deposit to get your tattoo done.

Yes, we accept guided tours, there is a $100 advance fee for the tour. You can also call the store to check our availability. One of the many stereotypes that Portlanders hate is that everyone in the city has a tattoo. With nearly 50 million inked people living in the United States, tattoos have become quite popular in our culture.

Rose City and other Oregon cities are new destinations for those looking for permanent body art. If you’re looking for a new tattoo and want to get one of the best, book one of these guys or gals (if you’re lucky enough to get an appointment). These are 10 Oregon tattoo artists to follow on Instagram.

This tattoo artist, who goes by the name of Winston Whale, is probably the most expensive in Portland right now. He works in a private studio and does 3D tattooing. The artist/illustrator turned tattoo artist got to where he is today by accident when a friend asked him to tattoo a stick and hole a few years ago and another asked him for a red and blue skull like 3D paintings. His Instagram started blowing up. was found firmly registered. And the rest is history.

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Alice Carrier specializes in botanical flowers that look so real you can almost smell the floral aromas. The Portland artist is a self-proclaimed descendant of the Salem witches and loves nature. “I am inspired by roses, peonies, corn, feathers, wood, bones, spicy things, unconventional staging ideas and a positive attitude,” she says on her website. If you want to get a beautiful bouquet of flowers printed on your body, you can meet Alicia here.

This tattoo artist began studying art almost ten years ago in Denver, Colorado. He quickly moved to Eugene, where he has worked ever since. Jordyn Clapp is inspired by cartoons and anime illustrations that give her work a light and carefree feel. If you’re looking for a minimalist black or polka dot job, Jordin is for you. You can make an appointment with him through Northwest Tattoo.

Kyle Steicher may have started tattooing six years ago, but he’s already made a pretty impressive name for himself. The artist works with Ever True Tattoo in Southwest Portland and specializes in black illustration, sticking to traditional methods as the foundation of his work. If you want that guy to sign you, you’ll have to wait, he’s booked until January 2019.

Laura Graham has a unique style. His Instagram feed is full of natural illustrated and traditionally styled tattoos, and whether they’re colored or black, cartoony or realistic, his work is impeccable. He works at Grizzly Tattoo in North Williams, but good luck for the foreseeable future.

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Gregory Whitehead lives a life of adventure. Born in the Caribbean, Whitehead moved to New Zealand at the age of five and to the United States in 2011, when he began tattooing. The artist works out of North Portland’s Atlas Tattoo and has developed an “energetic and bold style that honors the rich history of 20th century Japanese and American tattooing.”

Alice Kendall is the owner of Wonderland Tattoo in Southeast Portland and has been tattooing professionally for almost 20 years. During his illustrious career, he has tattooed almost anything imaginable. However, working with nature and science is her true passion, and that is reflected in her beautiful Instagram feed. The store’s books are currently closed, but its website urges visitors to reapply soon for available spots.

Shawn Belida will tattoo you on just about anything on his Instagram feed. The artist works out of White Light Tattoo Studios in Bend and has an unusual flair with everything from alien invasion themed ink to patriotic tattoos, bald eagles and more.

Joe Bass is a special kind of tattoo. Yes, he’s the owner of Jade Mermaid Tattoo Parlor in Northwest Portland, and yes, he’s an exceptional artist who focuses on cartoon realism. However, what really sets him apart is his love for his customers. He makes an effort to get to know his clients and learn the history of their tattoos before working on them, something not many famous artists can say. Plus, her Instagram feed not only features her beautiful portfolio, but also photos of her Pomeranian, Kennedy, which is an added bonus.

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Jesse Preston owns Lombard Street Tattoo in St. Petersburg. Johns and specializes in bright and colorful traditional style ink. Her bio says she “traveled as an unarmed gypsy, mastered the art of piñata destruction, and managed to evade Bigfoot after graduating from Tyler Art School,” and we believe that after checking out her Instagram feed.

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