Best Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

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Amsterdam is known as a party city, full of wild nights and all kinds of dubious luxury. A fun, eclectic and party-focused destination popular with young backpackers.

Best Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

I’ve visited Amsterdam more times than I can count (it’s one of my favorite cities in the world) and I’ve never been disappointed. But there’s more to the city than just a night out.

Of The Best Outdoor Activities In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, as we know, enjoys the 12th century and is home to all the buildings of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, most of which go back to the Dutch Golden Age, from 1588-1672, a time when Amsterdam was the center of the world. Economy. Many of the canals themselves are hundreds of years old and have UNESCO World Heritage status.

Today Amsterdam is a city full of more history than you know what to do with, many art museums, cool adventures, lots of outdoor activities and wild nightlife. There is plenty to see and do whatever you want.

To help you make the most of your trip, here are the 32 best things to see and do in Amsterdam:

Every time I come to a new city, I go to walk the streets for free. They help you organize and give you an overview of the city, the culture and the main attractions to see. You learn a bit of history and you can ask the local guide all the questions you have, which is the best way to get tips.

One Day In Amsterdam: Full Guide & Best Things To Do And See

Free Amsterdam Tours offers free walking tours of Amsterdam and New Europe every day. It takes 2-3 hours and gives you the perfect introduction to the city. Make sure you stick to your guide at the end!

If you are on a tight budget and want a more comprehensive tour, check out Black Heritage Tours. While their tours are not free, they are incredibly informative and eye-opening. They focus on the impact of slavery on the growth of the Dutch Empire and highlight Black culture and its contribution to the country. It is sober but educational.

For more general tours (driving tours, museum tours, food tours), see your guide. They have tons of different tours so there is something for everyone!

This museum has many of Van Gogh’s best works. It is also the largest collection of Van Gogh works in the entire world. The museum does a great job of documenting his life, connecting his works from beginning to end so you can better understand and see his style and development (and his life pictured above). Opened in 1973, it is one of the liveliest (read: crowded) sites in the city, but they won’t let you leave. The museum also has paintings by famous artists of the time, such as Monet, Manet, and Matisse, as well as by artists inspired or inspired by Van Gogh.

Of The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Museumplein 6, +31 20 570 5200, Open daily from nine to six in summer and reduced hours in spring, autumn and winter. Admission 19 EUR.

The Jordaan is a trendy residential area. Although it has become more popular in recent years, it is one of the most overlooked parts of the city. This area is full of great shops and boutiques, bars and restaurants and hip restaurants. It is also the area of ​​the city where the Dutch painter Rembrandt (1606-1669) lived in the last years of his life. This is a quiet place to explore away from the crowds if you want to experience the city outside the capital.

In addition to eating and drinking there, at the Westerstraat market (Monday morning) or the Lindengracht market (Saturday).

Amsterdam is a beautiful and picturesque city because of the beautiful canal that lights up the city. To see the city from a new perspective, take a canal tour. There are good value boats that take you up and down the river, but you can also hire your own boat for a self-guided tour (if you’re comfortable driving a boat). Self-guided tours are small, open boats that give you an intimate and unique experience. It costs around 50 EUR per hour, which makes it a good price if you have a few friends to join. For a standard guided tour on a large ship, expect to pay around 18 EUR per person.

Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam With Kids

This is one of the most popular tourist spots in the entire city. Although the place is fun and cool to visit, it is also very crowded. You just wander around the house and never have time to digest what you want. Personally, I think the Jewish History Museum has more work to do to improve its life, but this is still worth seeing, as an iconic and important site.

Prinsengracht 263-267, +31 20 556 71 05, Monday-Friday from 9.00-18.00 and Friday-Sunday from 9.00-20.00 (short season hours). Admission 14 EUR. Tickets are sold online only.

Founded in 1798, the Rijksmuseum is an art and history museum next to the Van Gogh Museum. The museum, recently renovated, has an extensive Rembrandt collection including the famous painting “The Night Watch”. In addition to the works of Rembrandt, the museum is also home to a solid collection of other classic Dutch painters, such as Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer. With over 1 million items in the collection (it’s the largest museum in the country) with over 8,000 on display, you could easily spend hours here.

If you need to escape the crowds, go to Oosterpark. It is a relaxing green space east of the city center, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a sunny day. It is much less busy than the popular city of Vondelpark and shows you a different, more residential side of the city. There are statues (including the National Slavery Monument, which commemorates the abolition of slavery in 1863), caves, ponds and many picnic areas or galleries. This is the first large park in the city, dating back to the 1890s.

Amsterdam: 30 Best Things To Do & Places To Visit

Heineken is one of the most famous (and popular) beers in the world. You can take an interactive tour of this former brewery and learn how beer is made and how the company has evolved over the centuries (the beer era goes back to the 1870s). Admission also includes two beers, so if you’re a fan, be sure to book a tour. It’s a fun way to learn a story.

Stadhouderskade 78, +31 020 261 1323, Monday to Friday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Friday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission 21 EUR.

Hidden in an old warehouse in the Red Light District, the Erotic Museum has exhibits on eroticism in its various forms throughout the years. There are sculptures, paintings, paintings and other art. And of course there is a gift shop if you want a unique souvenir from the city.

The Amsterdam Sex Museum is a more serious and informative museum than the Erotic Museum (but also a little less fun). It is the first sex museum in the world, which was opened in 1985. It highlights the history of sexual vision and norms, as well as the lives of some famous sexual figures in the world (such as Marc de Sade).

Hidden Gems & Secret Spots In Amsterdam You’ll Love

Erotic Museum: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54, +31 20 627 8954, Open every day from 11.00-1.00. Admission 7 EUR.

Amsterdam Sex Museum: Damrak 18, +31 20 622 8376, Open every day from 11.00-19.00. Admission 9 EUR.

Not surprisingly, the Red Light District of Amsterdam is one of the main attractions of the city. Although much tamer than the previous year, the Red Light District managed to strike a balance between gender and seed in the main international attraction of the city. Although it’s worth it, I’ll keep your time here short. Although it is quite calm and quiet during the day, at night this area bursts with drinks and lively tourists who slow down the pavement. But even if the scene isn’t yours, still make room for your eyes to see. It is definitely unique!

This is the only Jewish history museum in the country, although it is often overlooked for the Anne Frank House. Personally, I think that the museum works well when it comes to highlighting the history and struggles of the Jews in Belgium. In particular, they have a great show about the Second World War, which shows Dutch resistance, complicity and guilt in the Holocaust. 1932 (excavated after the war in 1955), the museum houses more than 11,000 objects, artifacts and works of art.

Best Things To Do In Amsterdam At Night

Tucked away in the middle of a 17th century canal house, this is one of the happiest churches I’ve ever been to. Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (“Our Lord in the Attic”) is a secret Catholic church that was secretly built under Protestant rule on the 3rd floor of an ordinary house (it.

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