Best Things To Do In Kauai Honeymoon

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Best Things To Do In Kauai Honeymoon

When you tell people you’re honeymooning in Hawaii, most people expect you to go to Oahu, the Big Island, or Maui, some of the country’s most popular islands. But how many people do you know who are honeymooning in Kauai?

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More remote and less populated than some of the other Hawaiian islands, Kauai is an environmental dream come true (it’s still called the Garden Island).

The more outdoor activities you do, the more adventures you and your partner will have. From ziplining and hiking to boating and helicopter tours, a trip to Kauai is a pleasant surprise compared to some of the many beach destinations you can consider for your honeymoon.

Want to know what Kauai has to offer? Read on for everything you need to know before booking your island.

Kauai will be a must-see honeymoon destination for couples. The destination offers a warm tropical island experience without leaving the country and is easily accessible by flight from the West Coast (although East Coast visitors will find they have to choose at least one day during the trip). Additionally, there are some great restaurants to choose from, but you won’t find the crowds in the popular Hawaii area.

The 20 Best Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii (for Nature Lovers)

While Kauai offers a little bit of everything—history, culture, art, food, outdoor activities—the main focus here is nature. You’ll find that your travels can be limited if you don’t participate in outdoor activities like snorkeling, kayaking, or hiking.

Kauai has two seasons: dry and wet. The dry season lasts from April to October, and the dry season from November to March. Many travelers prefer to visit Kauai during the summer, as summer provides the daily rainfall approximately two-thirds of the time. To go to Kauai in the summer to avoid the peak travel season, plan your honeymoon in September or October.

First things first: Book a Kauai helicopter to discover your land before you start exploring. For an unforgettable honeymoon, it is easy to take a helicopter tour of Kauai, which is offered by many vendors.

The best part about a Kauai helicopter tour is that it allows you to see parts of the island that you can’t see any other way, since one-third of the island is accessible by car or on foot. Depending on how much adrenaline you and your partner are looking for, you can also opt for a private helicopter tour.

Romantic Things To Do In Kauai

It is one thing to enjoy the sandy beaches of Kauai (of course, they are beautiful and abundant); and another for those who see it from the outside.

A cruise is a great way to spend a day on your honeymoon. You can rent or rent a sailboat or catamaran to explore the coast of Kauai – you will find a variety of rental options, whether you are looking for a romantic dinner with drinks or something more than a whale watching adventure.

You can also kayak yourself. Popular kayaking spots on Kauai include the Napali Coast and the Wailua River.

If your dream honeymoon involves watching your partner get hot and sweaty, Kauai offers many travel options. Climb Mount Nunu (also known as the Sleeping Giant) for panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Hike down Waimea Canyon in Koki National Park to explore rainforests and swamps. The Awaawapuhi Trail is one of the park’s most memorable hikes, with rapids covering the trail for incredible views.

Things To Do In Kauai On A Honeymoon

You can’t go wrong with this cool beachside restaurant that has been named one of the most romantic in the world. This boutique and intimate beachfront hotel offers everything you need for the perfect honeymoon, from the best spa (couple’s massage) to a swimming pool with its own bar. This is a great campsite and a place to relax after a day of exploring the island.

For a unique experience, you can rent your own ocean view cabin at Koloa Landing Resort. Privacy is maintained when you create a cabana by the pool, just like when you enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the pool. The spa, golf course and full kitchen in each villa are the icing on the cake of this property.

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly accommodation without compromising on quality, check out the Marriott, located in the heart of Kauai Beach. This spacious facility has plenty of dining options and activities (similar to what you’d find at one of the included restaurants, if you’re into it).

Since Kauai is an outdoor destination, be sure to pack all your outdoor gear: hiking boots, active clothing, sunscreen (reef only), bug spray, and water shoes, for starters. For the most part, the island has views from the back, so you’ll be safe in casual clothes, even if you want to grab a dress or two for dinner. For a full list of items, check out our comprehensive guide on what to pack for a tropical vacation.

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Kauai is perfect for a mini honeymoon trip to Hawaii and will be perfect for you if you are an adventurer or a foodie!

Maui Vs Kauai For Your Hawaii Honeymoon

See the best attractions in Hanalei and Princeville just north. Poipu, the sunny southern part of the island, is ideal for a beach holiday.

If you’re seriously considering a Kauai honeymoon, read on to see the best Kauai resorts that suit your needs!

Oahu is known as one of the most famous cities in the world for its natural beauty. Kauai, however, is more relaxed and can be perfect for a honeymoon trip as a unique experience.

Kauai is home to many natural wonders such as the Coconut Coast and Waimea Canyon, as well as many other magical springs, beaches and mountains. These sites make the area really interesting!

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April and May are some of the best months to visit Kauai! The early spring months are the best to visit because of the good weather, less tourists and prices. Just remember to leave a gap!

The Grand Hyatt Kauai in Poipu, Sunshine Island is one of Kauai’s best vacation spots. He is the favorite person to love Kauai Vaca!

The hotel did not disappoint. The large lobby of the restaurant offers a stunning view of the sea and you will feel like the water provided by the beautiful fruits and lei flowers.

Couples looking for a comfortable hotel with easy access to many boutiques, restaurants and bars will find the Grand Hyatt Kauai ideal.

Once In A Lifetime Things To Do In Kauai: 7 Day Itinerary + Activities

Not only are shopping and entertainment within easy reach, but so are major Kauai attractions such as the Spouting Horn and

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