Best Toy Shops In Melbourne

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Trick-or-treaters, dolls, miniatures, and crazy putty—the shelves of these unique toy stores are full of fun and educational gifts for kids.

Best Toy Shops In Melbourne

There’s not much you can’t buy online these days, but when it comes to toys, there’s something to be said for browsing online. A good toy store is run by someone who cares about the items on their shelves, and you’ll always find something special.

Sydney’s Boutique Toy Stores

Monkey Puzzles is Moulin Roti’s puppets and torches project so kids can create their own stories. Owner Pamela Blyton says, “We think kids play with their hands, and toys last longer than one season.” There’s a wide selection of wooden toys with high-quality products for toddlers, including essential options for toddlers and amazing finds like Collecto Oriento. Take home: La Lampe des Ombres to tell your own story in the shade ($19.95) or Notebook Notebook ($23.95).

If you need to buy fire, this is the place to go. You’ll find tutorials, coding exercises, super-powerful silly putty, magic apps, and glowing crystals. Although young children can do some projects with parents, simple science is best for young children who can read first. Andrew Poole tests all products so you can be sure they’re fun and educational. Take Home: Illusion Thinking Putty – Hyper Color ($29.95) or KidzLabs Volcano Creation Kit ($26.95).

It’s a small shop with good stuff. You’ll find Artisan Jewelry and Mini Glitter Bowls alongside old favorites like Djeko and Tiger Tribe. Even if you go to a toy store for toys, you can’t miss the book section in the back. Owners Anne-Marie and Tanya (from Randwick Shop) are first-time teachers and sell photo books they have collected. Go home:

If you’re struggling to get your child off the screen, this is your shop. B. In a family business, the staff is dedicated to finding the perfect match for your family. You’ll find everything from Snap to Rubik’s Cubes to the full range of Garden Toys board games. Take home: StoryCubes, which have pictures of balls that you rotate to tell a story ($18.95) or Spot It! Kids love to play with print ($24.95).

Victorian Toy Shop Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

This toy store has been in QVB for 32 years, meaning owner Penny Randall has seen children grow up and return to the store with their own children. You can understand why. You’re sure to find something special here, whether it’s one of the cute dolls from all over Europe (names like Paola Reina and Laurence), or one of the Mohair Charlie teddy bears or a mainboard featuring Peter Rabbit. Come home: Enchantmints Dragon Castle music box with charms and castles, private rooms and a musical dragon that spins when you open it ($69.95).

Do you have a small space? Let some of that energy be channeled into these parks and playgrounds that know how to welcome real family owners.

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We’ve rounded up local stores that sell quality, durable toys that your child can enjoy for a lifetime.

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Children’s toys are a dime a dozen these days, mass-produced products are sold and thrown away all the time. If you’re looking to fill your child’s room with high-quality toys that can last a lifetime and be passed down to their children, we’ve got you covered.

Melbourne’s best shops sell everything from unique finds to hand-crafted wooden toys to well-crafted toys. Some brought back products, such as handmade bears.

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Established in Melbourne 25 years ago, Jasper Junior always evokes a magical, nostalgic, warm and different feeling on opening day. Inside, you’ll find a great mix of heritage toys that will delight kids and send adults down memory lane, reminiscing about the timeless and classic toys they used to play with. One of the most popular toys here is Babushka’s Nest of Precious Dolls, handmade and painted in Russia, and Jasper Junior is known as one of the most famous dolls. Find classic soft toys by Merryought, including handmade English bears, and figures from German brand Playmboil and fairy dresses from Australian brand Gems.

Designer Toy Shop This Is Not A Toy Store Opens In The Cbd

Since opening in 1972, Balachak’s mission has been to inspire children to learn through play. So, if you’re a parent who’s serious about providing your kids with educational, quality and sustainable toys, this Clifton Hill location is your new go-to store. A cute and playful shop gives you a taste of beauty. close, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that really sets Balachak apart from the rest. Quality and care are taken seriously in our product selection, and we prioritize toys that are Australian-made, sustainable, free-range and mill-made.

Lego fans in Melbourne are in luck, with two Lego stores and a Legoland Discovery Center at their fingertips – but they just got even happier. If you’re passing by Melbourne Central and wondering what the secret is, the reason is obvious: Melbourne Central is the largest Lego authorized store in the South East. It’s the perfect adventure for kids and adults with kids at heart, with fun places to explore like a brick wall pick and a minifigure station, and you can leave an image using your own mosaic maker. accommodation Private studio.

Dafel Dolls & Bear has been in business since 1945, so it’s familiar with all kinds of toys and even offers an online toy doctor. This small shop makes good use of the space, stocking shelves of collectible dolls, teddies, hollywogs, miniature cars, soft toys, toys and furniture.

If you were a kid in the 90s, you remember going to the Lost Forest. These toy stores are based on the book series of the same name and are famous for their OTT jungle decor and lots of creative toys to “pick up”. Choose from flying koalas, whistling sloths, gigato possums, bookworms, oddballs, or woodpeckers (like the woolly echidna).

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Get ready for nostalgia when you arrive at Geppetto’s Factory – this store has a variety of toys that can only be found in Disney movies. Find marionettes, hand and finger puppets, jack-of-all-trades, kaleidoscopes and other collectibles. With puppets hanging from the ceiling like Pinocchio, it’s worth a visit to see its former glory.

Stranger Than Paradise Gifts opened in 2015 on a small scale and by hand, but it has grown into a fun place where you can spend hours browsing the website for gifts for kids and adults alike. Although small, the store is filled with 1960s-inspired vintage bots, party games, ceramic animal fireworks and other knick-knacks.

Filled with teddy bears, dolls and other toys, The Teddy Bear Shop is one of Melbourne’s largest toy collections. Owning well-known brands like Charlie Bear, Steff, Herman, Nichi, Ras and Gund, it’s clear that these people really care about teddies. Each bear comes with a birth certificate upon purchase.

Have fun at the toy store. The store prides itself on bringing art, wonder and love to its products and strives to preserve toys. Take your kids on an adventure with pirates, princesses and fairies as they let their imaginations run wild in the colorful toy shop.

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Anime fans can enjoy Critical Hit. Whether you want to play in the style of your favorite anime or decorate your room with Japanese toys, this is the place to go. Stocking a wide variety of anime, this toy store has everything from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z and Harry Potter. The special game is not limited to players –

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