Best Travel Agency In Utah

Best Travel Agency In Utah – Today, there are women-owned travel agencies for every traveler, from group tours to travel apps and unique ways to enjoy traveling. Here are some of my picks for women-owned travel agencies that should be on your radar.

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Best Travel Agency In Utah

It probably won’t surprise you that women are a major force in travel today. Women make up more than half of today’s leisure travelers and are responsible for nearly 85% of all travel decisions – for themselves, their friends, their partners and their families!

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. Over the years, the search for solo travel tips for women, best solo travel destinations for women, and tips on how to get started has grown steadily as more women feel empowered to travel.

As a woman in the travel industry, I know that travel blogs are heavily geared toward women, which is great because women still make up 36% of small business owners worldwide. But much of the opposite is true for the growing tourism workforce. Although 54% of tourism workers are women, they typically earn 14.7% less than their male counterparts and are almost 6 times less likely to reach management positions.

Crazy, right? You’d think that if women made the majority of travel decisions around the world, it would be easier for them to be represented at the top of the food chain in the travel industry, right?

This disparity strikes me as odd when I learn about various women-owned travel businesses that are rewriting the script, creating their own paths, and putting women at the table in the travel industry.

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While it may not seem like much, booking, purchasing and supporting women-owned travel agencies not only benefits women’s travel, but directly strengthens gender equality and equal opportunities to open and earn in the travel industry.

So I spoke to the CEOs and founders of some of my favorite women-owned travel companies to highlight their amazing businesses for you.

From adventure clothing to social initiatives, travel communities and unique experiences for men and women, this is what these companies do

Wonderful is an international group of travelers and travel content creators dedicated to improving travel for all women. Wonderful offers a hybrid online/offline membership community for women with a global host network, an exclusive 24/7 membership program and local branches in cities around the world, as well as travel and business webinars, hosted by our own permanent team of experts. They are the creators of the popular travel marketing event WITS (Women in Travel Summit), the annual Bessie Awards and the first major travel festival for women and Wonderfest.

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Beth started the blog Wonderful in 2009 while living in Sao Tome and Principe, two small island nations off the west coast of Africa. The reality is that women make 80-85% of consumer travel decisions, but are significantly underrepresented in travel marketing and management. They are constantly exposed to news related to security or fashion and have nothing in between and a strong support network. Wonderful was originally created to share some real women’s stories, but now it’s doing so much more, challenging the travel industry to do better, empowering female content creators and small business owners, and encouraging travelers to take notice. Their local influence and the effects of their travels.

Every month, Wonderful donates a portion of membership fees to an organization doing great work for women and girls around the world. She does a lot of work in the field of fair representation and DEI, and specifically to support and amplify the voices of diverse women.

I am very excited to be speaking at the upcoming Wonderful Women in Travel Summit in May 2022. Get your conference ticket at this link and get 15% off with my code – RACHELJEAN15. Hope to see you there!

Kind Traveler, a community-based company owned by women and veterans, and Give + Get, the first socially conscious hotel booking and media platform that empowers travelers to make a positive impact in the communities they visit. Through the Give + Get platform, travelers can unlock exclusive fares and benefits with a minimum donation of $10 to a local, verified charity that makes a positive impact on the community they’re visiting. 100% of donations go to charity, and travelers get outcome metrics to see exactly how their dollars are being used to work with various community and environmental charities. Today, travelers can visit 140 hotels and more than 100 charities in 22 countries.

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In addition, when booking through Kind Traveler, travelers learn about Kind Hotels’ initiatives to improve community impact, environmental sustainability and personal health. Finally, on the Kind Traveler Blogzine, travelers will find educational content that inspires responsible and sustainable travel, learn about restorative hotel practices, women-owned hotels, stewardship trends and more.

In a recent study by Kind Traveler, 96% of travelers said it was important to ensure their travel spending had a positive impact on local communities. However, more than 50% of travelers feel this is unclear or do not know how to positively impact communities. Kind Traveler makes it easy to find hotels that are socially responsible and give back in a meaningful way to charities involved in the health and well-being of communities and destinations. In turn, trip satisfaction increases and travelers feel a sense of purpose knowing they are helping them leave their destination better than when they arrived.

On a trip to Belize, Jessica and her co-founder Sean Krejci saw dire poverty, polluted swamps and the plight of stray dogs on the streets. As an animal rescue volunteer in the US, it’s hard for her to ignore those asking for dogs. They decided to feed the dogs and inadvertently inspired other passengers to join in. A sense of helplessness turned to hope as they tried to find a way through their journey to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the local community.

When they returned home, they asked themselves, “What if we could create ways for travelers to easily make a meaningful positive impact on the communities they visit and experience greater joy and purpose while traveling?” After years of development, Kind Traveler was the answer.

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Kind Traveler has 10 core causes and over 100 charities that actively promote the UN’s Global Goals. Causes include wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability, human rights, public benefit, arts and culture, and more.

A $10 donation can make a big difference! Here are some examples of what a $10 donation can do:

Sojrn is a modern study abroad program for adults. Sojrn allows people to travel, work remotely, and learn new things with a diverse community of like-minded people.

In 2016, Tara started a travel company called FTLO Travel (For the Love of Travel). She started the company to help people in their 20s and 30s gain a broader perspective of the travel experience, while making new friends and supporting the local economy. Tara grew up in central Idaho and travel had a huge impact on her, and she wanted to help others have the same amazing experience even if they didn’t have anyone to travel with. They plan amazing itineraries that appeal to adventurous and fun people around the same age (25-39). It’s an affordable and social way to travel, a true “slow travel” experience that benefits the local community with tourism dollars.

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Tara then came up with the idea for Sojourn during the pandemic when FTLO couldn’t organize tours and had a lot of time to think about which trips to take.

After the pandemic, if people took their laptops with them and could immerse themselves somewhere for long periods of time. At the same time, Tara saw how many people rediscovered interests and hobbies that had been hidden during the pandemic, and how this brought them joy during incredibly difficult times. She combined the concept of extended travel with learning something new in a supportive, experiential environment, and Sozern was born.

From learning about wine tasting in Tuscany to practicing Spanish with a private tutor in Colombia, Sojrn’s mission is to empower adults to learn new things and develop new creative interests while working and traveling.

At the heart of Sojrn (and FTLO) is cross-cultural understanding and a commitment to keeping money in local communities. Sometimes their tours are more expensive than their competitors because they are determined to use local independent suppliers instead of large corporations that sell cheap mass tourism.

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