Best Walking Shoes For Italy In September

Best Walking Shoes For Italy In September – Deciding which shoes to pack for any trip can be a bit of a nightmare. Shoes are big, often heavy, and if you fill them wrong, it can cause a loss of good space and bad foot pain. Packing travel shoes for Italy is even trickier: fashion-conscious Italy wants you to look good and stylish, but its ancient streets and sights demand comfortable and smart shoes.

In this guide, we pick the best shoes for Italy, so you can stay comfortable and stylish in all seasons and hit the cobblestones!

Best Walking Shoes For Italy In September

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The type of shoes you pack for Italy depends on the type of trip you are planning and the season.

For example, in the Dolomites you need sturdy shoes that protect you on hard terrain and mountain trails, or full aero gear for the winter.

If you’re heading to the beach for some summer sun, lightweight sandals are just what you need.

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If you’re going to make the most of Italy’s many attractions, you may need a pair of versatile shoes that will keep your feet warm this evening.

In Italy, you’ll probably do a lot of walking, so it’s best to wear shoes that are comfortable and protect against hard steps on sidewalks and city streets.

The best ones are thick enough to provide good cushioning, but also flexible enough to conform to the foot a bit: a good shoe bends over the ball of the foot, not the back, so that’s something to check when you buy a new pair. haven’t tried packing a travel bag with shoes yet.

Italians love stylish sneakers (see our favorite sneakers for Italy), so if you want to walk without looking like a tourist, these are the perfect choice.

The Best Shoes For Italy To Travel In Comfort And Style

Fashionable Italy might make you think that you need heels to be a woman, but that’s not the case. High heels, especially very high and thin shoes, are unusual because they can hit uneven surfaces and seriously injure you.

An American friend of mine used to joke that you can always find an American in Rome because they’re the only people in town who wear sneakers. I don’t believe this is true, but the truth is that flip-flops are not generally considered street wear.

If you don’t have good flip-flops to lighten your step, I suggest you take the Italian route and leave it to the beach: long walks on rubber are not good for your joints and are very uncomfortable on the feet. heels!

Don’t forget to pair your shoes with quality walking and foot friendly accessories like ballerina liners!

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The best shoes for Italy during the colder months will keep you warm and dry as well as comfortable. In Italian winters it rains, sometimes very heavily, and especially in the north you will be glad you have boots to keep your feet and calves warm.

If you’re not sure about the weather in the north in winter, consider the temperature in Milan as a guide

Choosing the best walking shoes for Italy can be difficult: why we love ankle boots and high boots, which look stylish and comfortable while sightseeing.

Ankle boots are very versatile and popular among Italian women. They can be worn with trousers and skirts and they protect you from rain and ankles.

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They come in a variety of colors and heights, and they might be the only shoes you need in Italy this winter.

Comfortable and stylish, Blondo ankle boots are perfect for all-day wear and are available in several styles. Check their material, shape and heel height.

Toms ankle boots have a bit of a heel, so you need to gauge whether it is the right choice for you. However, it will probably be comfortable to walk. See colors and prices here.

Long boots came back into fashion in Italy many years ago and never went away. They’ll keep traveling with you because they don’t pack away easily, and if you wear them on a plane, they’re super travel-friendly and can easily go from day to night.

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Either that, or you can make it your mission to buy new boots while in Italy: the leather goods here are amazing!

For maximum comfort, I like to choose soft clothes that do not rub on the ankles when we wear them for a long time.

If you’re not very cold, you usually don’t need lined boots. Just like in Italy, bring a coat and it will rain!

Stylish sneakers are very popular in Italy and especially in the last few years they have exploded as a real fashion statement.

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I personally love them and find them the perfect shoe for all day walking and sightseeing. These are the shoes of youth, and in the right colors and shapes, they are now widely accepted as shoes for generations.

It is necessary to go to fashion, not to work. Avoid materials that will keep you warm in the winter and get ruined in the rain.

The runners are great on the hard rocks of Italy, but they usually don’t hold up in the rain, so it’s wise to bring a second pair if you find yourself getting soaked or out in the rain in winter.

New Balance sneakers are especially suitable for narrow feet. I also love Adidas memory foam shoes for long hours of walking.

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High summer temperatures make you want to reach for sandals, and it’s best to stick to rubber soles for walking.

Comfortable sandals can be hard to find: the nicest ones often have straps and laces, and while they look very “Italian”, they can literally dig into your skin and tire you out.

Good sandals for walking in Italy in the summer are closed and not too high heels. Some of our favorite brands

Birkenstocks are not for everyone, but they are a great shoe and are popular in Italy with tourists and locals alike. You can check tire colors and models here

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Ahnu sandals are super cute and perfect for walking. I especially like the toes for the look and extra protection. You can check prices and models here

Plaka makes great hiking sandals. Comfortable and versatile, they’re perfect for going from the city to the beach and come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit most feet. Check them out here.

I got these exact sketches last year and it was one of my best purchases to date. Perfect for hiking and versatility, they take you from night to day and are super comfortable. Check prices and colors here.

Spring and autumn offer a wider selection of shoe fashion. Temperatures are usually moderate at this time, especially in April and November, but despite the chance of rain, you can expect dry days.

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I love how breathable and lightweight Adidas summer sneakers are. Although they have a sporty look that doesn’t go with all my outfits, they are so comfortable that I often travel with them as my only shoe.

I don’t like ballerinas to walk, but I love to go out. Yossi Samra makes beautiful clothes that are comfortable and very flexible.

If you want the comfort of sneakers but want a less sporty look, dress shoes are a good option. For the most comfortable experience, check out the Sketches sports fashion shoe or their Go shoe.

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