Best White Water Rafting In Alaska

Best White Water Rafting In Alaska – Do you know what it feels like when your shoes get crushed on a glacier? Have you ever spent time in an area completely untouched by human development? Are you in awe of the stunning beauty? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float beneath 15,000 meter peaks above a pack of wolves?

Shakespeare’s claim that “man is the measure of all things” could not have been made by anyone who had spent time in the North. In this country, one is overwhelmed by the vast mythological scale of the landscape.

Best White Water Rafting In Alaska

Alaska and the Yukon are home to wildlife of the most spectacular quality, and the land was home to the Athabaskan, Tlingit and, much later, Eskimo and Aleut Indian tribes. The area is home to grizzly bears and black bears, wolves, moose, bald and golden eagles, eagles, eagles and peregrine falcons, as well as North America’s highest peak, 20,335-foot Mount Denali. Along the coast, Alaska also offers close encounters with puffins, cormorants, oystercatchers and marbled murres, as well as sea otters, sea lions, killer whales and humpback whales.

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More than 150 miles long, the Tatshenshini River is surrounded by an international park system: Britain’s Tatshenshini Wildlife Reserve, Kluane National Park in the Yukon, and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska. This makes “The Tot” the largest protected river system in the world. It also originates from a collection of springs in a glacial region that stretches from the northwestern corner of British Columbia to the Yukon and Alaska, the world’s largest non-polar ice cap.

Whitewater rafting in Alaska is an adventure in time that takes you back to a time before cell phones, cars or people, where nature lived in delicate balance. Join us on an inspiring journey along the rugged and remote Tatzenshini River as it flows from the Yukon Territory to British Columbia and Alaska.

While rafting the Tatzenshini River in Alaska in 1977, founder and president George Wendt saw something even bigger than the Grand Canyon. It was a profound experience for him to travel nearly 150 kilometers in an area completely untouched by human development.

The “Tot” was a very different kind of river than before, running through lush U-shaped valleys carved into glaciers teeming with wildlife. Glacier hiking certainly offered a dramatic change from the hot desert Southwest where he spent most of his time. He immediately recognized that this was a space he had to share with others. We currently offer two or three trips to the Tatsenshini River each summer.

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We’ve taken more than 500,000 guests to the world’s most beautiful places, never losing sight of one of our most important goals: to make the joys of the world’s craziest and most wonderful places accessible to everyone, at any time. No matter how experienced. Our guides take care of safety with extensive experience in the desert. Aventura Travel offers the best guide in relation to the number of guests in the business, ensuring that your questions will be answered and your concerns will receive the personal attention you deserve. And, our team of friendly and knowledgeable Adventure Consultants is available year-round to answer your calls and help you plan your Alaska rafting vacation.

We care about where we go. Follows “low impact” travel procedures by traveling in small groups and avoiding under-managed or over-visited areas. We are a proud partner of Leave No Trace and actively train our guides and strive to educate our guests in LNT practices. We provide reusable insulated cups on all trips and encourage our guests to refrain from single-use products. Each year, in collaboration with our guests, we actively support conservation efforts in the region through voluntary donations from travelers and fundraising events. Our California and Grand Canyon offices are also 100% solar powered.

Swim across an icy lake, paddle through pristine Alaskan wilderness, and disappear under the shadow of ship-shaped icebergs on this epic rafting adventure. It’s hard to choose the best travel experience on America’s last frontier, but river rafting in Alaska is definitely it. the funniest while looking at the stunning view of mountains, glaciers and evergreen forests while your heart beats in your chest above the crystal clear river.

If you’re looking for sea activities to enjoy on your next cruise to Alaska, you’ll definitely want to learn more about the state’s best rafting destinations. Even if an Alaskan adventure cruise is more of a dream than a solid plan right now, it’s never too early to get inspired.

Copper River Whitewater Rafting

Most people set foot in Denali National Park when they visit Alaska, but some experience it from a rafting point of view. When you book a rafting trip on the Nenana River in the park, the result is a spectacular (literally, canyon!) ride through some of America’s most dramatic scenery. Some of the rocks that line the banks of the river are almost as tall as the spruces, aspens, and birches that rise above them.

The calm beauty proved to be the perfect foil for your exciting day, which will release adrenaline even if it is not your first time in the rapids. If the sky is clear, you can see Mount Denali (formerly Mount McKinley). However, even on cloudy days, the range of colors you will experience during the excursion will overwhelm you.

Like the Nenana River, the Talkeetna River is an Alaska rafting experience near Denali National Park, although most trips take place south of the park entrance. Rafting the Talkeetna River is much more than navigating the rapids. Because of the river’s remoteness, trips here often require arriving and staying for days, and also offer fishing and hiking opportunities on local trails.

When it comes to rafting, plan to get wet. The most popular rapid passes through Talkeetna Gorge, whose high walls make the surface of the water even rougher. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a visually stunning experience – pack a camera with a wide-angle lens if you have one!

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Speaking of canyons, there are three along Six Mile Creek, which runs south from Anchorage (about 12 miles – its name is a misnomer) on the way to Whittier. Due to the elevation below the stream, you will need to wear protective gear, including a life jacket and a helmet that fits well. Your guide will also provide you with a heavy-duty paddle made for rapids.

Although one of the most exhilarating rafting experiences in Alaska, Six Mile Creek usually takes no more than half a day. Assuming you live nearby (or have transportation to Anchorage and/or we bring you), you can walk the river in the morning and dine by candlelight at night.

It’s hard to choose the best travel experience in America’s last frontier, but river rafting in Alaska is definitely the most exciting.

Located in southern Alaska near the capital city of Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is surrounded by more gorgeous scenery than you’d see up north. Also, the rafting experience here is not as wild as in other parts of Alaska, although you still need to be prepared to get wet. Get a waterproof camera to take the best photos and waterproof clothes and shoes that dry quickly.

Denali Rafting Canyon Whitewater Run

If there’s one word to describe this trip, which is a half-day adventure of about 6 miles, it’s balance. Sometimes you go through low-level rapids; At other times, your guide paddles you across the glassy glacial waters of the lake, allowing you to enjoy the view. It’s a great option for families and groups that include adults and kids who are adventurous but not yet ready to go full force. However, it’s still a good idea to check with the National Park Service for details on snow conditions, as well as any other warnings about hiking trails and water rafting conditions.

Even if you’ve been in the state, you probably didn’t know that the Kenai River (which is one of the most popular floating destinations in the Anchorage area) is also a whitewater rafting destination in Alaska. That’s because most people come for just a few hours to admire the milky blue waters and gently drifting 29 miles of steep walls of the Upper Kenai Canyon.

However, if you take a tour that includes a trip through the rapids (which adds several hours as they are far from the drop-off point), you will see this amazing river in a whole new light. Even better, these rafting trips also include floating sections so you can relax after all the excitement.

The Copper River is a bit further from civilization than some of the other rafting trips listed here, but it takes longer to get there. Five hours from Anchorage, this river is a little quieter than other Alaska rivers and has immediate views.

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