Best Wine In Rome

Best Wine In Rome – I just finished a month in Rome and visiting the lovely wine bars was a highlight of my trip. My husband and I ended up at the wine bar almost every night, which allowed us to sample a ton of them when we visited.

There are several wine bars in Rome that are worth a visit, and this is where I come in. Vacation time is so precious, I don’t want you to spend your time in tourist traps. As such, let me share my personal list of the best wine bars in Rome. I hope you enjoy!

Best Wine In Rome

When it comes to the best wine bars in Rome, charm is the name of the game. And it’s true that the best Roman wine bars are small, cozy and dimly lit. Seating is limited (providing an overall more intimate experience) and service is intentionally slower; people are here to relax, not to get out of their nightly chores.

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So expect long lines when visiting wine bars in Rome unless you arrive before the evening rush. We were lucky to get a seat (even in the most popular spots) if we arrived at 5:30pm.

Also try the Pecorino wine during your visit. We discovered it on our first night in Rome and have booked it almost exclusively ever since. This is a cold, open-skinned wine made from grapes grown in the eastern coastal region of Italy.

The Pecorino wine is well balanced with velvety floral notes and an overall dry finish. We really liked it and that’s why I recommend you try it. You’ll never know!

I tried many great wine bars during my month-long stay in Rome, but none impressed me more than Il Goccetto. Located on a charming cobbled street that is full of life, this place is packed with locals almost every night. The wine selection is exceptional, the food delicious and the warm staff always made us feel welcome.

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Anyway, I visited Il Goccetto nine times during my stay in the Eternal City and I can confirm that this is one of the best wine bars in Rome.

Enoteca Bortone, a stone’s throw from the first wine bar I just mentioned, seems to be where the locals go. This incredibly cozy wine bar in Rome is perfect for those looking for a relaxed evening and good (and small) drinks.

Full We finally arrived at an odd time (around 5pm) to see what all the fuss was about. Within seconds of meeting us, we understood why people love this gem so much.

The impeccable wine selection is memorable and the food equally delicious. We chose the bruschetta tray and enjoyed the last bite.

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My husband and I stumbled upon Cantina Belsiana on our first night in Rome. We were in desperate need of a break and jumped into the first place we saw, not realizing it was one of the best wine bars in Rome.

The service was friendly and the wine just right. We also ordered a few bites and couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. In fact, during our month-long stay in Rome, we visited Cantina Belsiana four times, even though it required a 25-minute walk.

L’Angolo Divino Enoteca Vineria is located in a charming square near Campo de’ Fiori. I’ll be honest, the first time I walked into the place it was completely empty, so I chose to keep wandering around. But a few nights later I found myself in the area again and decided to stop by.

It turns out that most people are sitting in the lively outdoor area a few steps away from the actual wine bar (which is why the place seems empty). The dessert menu is worth checking out, I loved the wine soaked peach with ice cream.

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While staying at a hotel in Trastevere, I hit up Google Maps to look for wineries nearby. The excellent reviews of Enoteca Cuverie caught my attention; tons of people claimed this was the best wine bar in rome. Of course, I had to do some research.

The decor is quite rustic, giving this wine bar in Rome a quirky vibe. The knowledgeable staff is one of the friendliest we have ever encountered and was very helpful in the wine selection process. The prices were more than reasonable for the quality wine we enjoyed.

It is also worth noting that the food at Enoteca Cuverie is delicious. Be sure to order the seasonal salads on offer, they are the perfect accompaniment to wine, especially when you need a break from all the prosciutto and cheese.

The interior of Quartino Enoteca is so beautiful. With all the charm of an old wine shop, we found ourselves intrigued and decided to go for a spontaneous glass of white wine. We chose the outside tables in the shade of the beautiful arches of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

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Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of people-watching opportunities at this beautiful wine bar in Rome. The wide selection of wines is impressive and the prices reasonable. We ordered a charcuterie board to pair with the wine and kicked ourselves for not ordering a full bottle.

Between the cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious drinks, we ended up changing our evening plans to have a drink each at this great wine bar in Rome.

VinAllegro is located on the corner of a busy square in the heart of Trastevere. Don’t let the parking lot next to this wine bar put you off, the relaxed atmosphere ticks all the boxes.

Trastevere is the most charming neighborhood in Rome, so we spent many nights wandering the streets aimlessly. That’s how we found VinAllegro, which turned out to be one of our favorite wine bars in Rome. We initially stopped for a quick dinner but ended up spending the whole night here.

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The wine list is extensive, ensuring that everyone will find something to love. The best part. The prices are so reasonable. Especially when you consider the lovely location and great atmosphere.

Essenza Wine Bar was recommended by my friend Terry, who fondly remembered the wine bar from his trip to Rome. We took his recommendation and were made very welcome and seated right away. We decided on a chilled Pecorino wine and paired it with some small bites.

The bites were delicious. And the wine was top notch too. But what really sealed the deal at this charming wine bar in Rome was the friendly service we received from the staff. We were made to feel welcome and well taken care of, which makes it an easy choice to recommend this place.

It is almost impossible to pass by Enoteca Il Piccolo without noticing it. this has to be the liveliest wine bar in Rome. With a live DJ, expect to find loud and happy locals talking over chilled wine (and each other) late into the night.

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Every time we stopped by Enoteca Il Piccolo, no matter the day, this wine bar was so chatty and lively. So if you’re looking for a wine bar in Rome where the locals go, this is it. Just be aware that food options are limited, but luckily there are tons of restaurants nearby.

We stumbled upon Josephine while looking for a new wine bar for us in Rome. Two well dressed girls sitting outside had a great time, sold us. There was one outdoor table left and we asked if we could keep the chairs a little warmer.

The bar girl behind the counter was so happy and said “absolutely”. A few minutes later he came out and explained that Josephine is a French inspired winemaker so all the wines come from France. I ordered the rosé and my husband chose the chardonnay.

Had (dramatic, I know). It was nothing short of excellent. Likewise, my husband was equally impressed with the Chardonnay, so we knew this charming wine bar in Rome was worth another visit.

The Best Wine Bar In Rome, Italy

Also a big shout out to the friendly girl who served us at Josephine during the day. I don’t know if it was the owner, but he was definitely one of the sweetest people we met on the trip. For example, a group of four showed up a few minutes after Will and I sat down at the last outdoor table.

The group asked if it was possible to sit outside and the girl said “of course”. He quickly pulled out a stool and cheerfully covered it with a large linen napkin (to make it look like a tablecloth). He then collected all the lost chairs and made sure the group was comfortable. He was cheerful the whole time, and everyone in the charming Roman wine bar was laughing. It just goes to show that Italians really are some of the best people out there. About 10 years ago, Rimessa was born (often mistranslated by Google as a boat shed, which means more like a garage or a warehouse, just right in Italian). simple concept to create a unique wine bar where friends and others can gather, laugh and share food, wine and stories together as if

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