Best Ziplining In Costa Rica

Best Ziplining In Costa Rica – A complete guide to the best zipline tours in Costa Rica tourist destinations, with a focus on ziplining with children and teenagers.

Zipling first arrived in Costa Rica in 1997, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon. With beautiful trees, suspension bridges and sky trains in the rainforests of Costa Rica, it is a success to create an experience that gives the audience pure adrenaline. Today, almost everyone who visits Costa Rica wants to experience flying through the trees on a zipline.

Best Ziplining In Costa Rica

Ziplines are steel cables mounted high between two (very strong) trees. Visitors have ropes tied between their legs and around their bodies, then attached to the zipline with a carabiner. Using heavy gloves, you jump and push off the platform and zip through the trees. Finally, you use your clawed hands as a brake when you land on the next platform.

Best Ziplining In Costa Rica For Families

Usually you have to reach the mountains from the main registration point, this can be on foot or a short drive. Some zip lines start from the walkway, in others you will first climb a ladder to a wooden platform and then start your adventure.

Many zip lines also offer the Tarzan Swing as an additional experience. This is where you start on a high platform and fall into a treeless area. You swing back and forth until your momentum stops. It’s very exciting.

There are zip lines that allow children as young as four to participate. Some companies have minimum or maximum requirements instead of age requirements. There are some security considerations to keep in mind:

We also check the ziplines at a slower pace to minimize the danger of hitting a tree on the next platform. Most accidents happen when someone doesn’t stop fast enough at the end of the lane and runs into a tree at high speed. This can cause injury or death. Children are less likely to experience a rush to do this, but it’s good to know it’s possible. I said one adult goes in front of the kids and another adult goes behind so the kids are in the middle and the parents can be there to help the leaders if needed.

Adventures In The Trees

Honestly, you want to travel light on your trip. Once you have your harness on, you will not be able to change clothes, and loose clothing is usually not allowed for safety reasons. This means that you must not tie your shirt around your waist.

Cell phones and cameras are allowed, but if it rains and they are not waterproof, you will damage them. I recommend keeping cell phones in a ziplock pouch or around your neck in a waterproof case to avoid the risk of them falling into the creek. If you drop your phone or camera, it’s over.

Many zip line tours offer photos for an additional fee, and I think they are well worth the investment.

You don’t usually get sun in the trees, but you will need sunscreen. Antibiotics are necessary, bacteria are everywhere.

The Best Canopy Tour In Monteverde, Costa Rica

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If you are traveling with kids, this is the best place to experience zipline canopy tours around the country. This is the only place we allow our kids to get scholarships and we always have a great experience.

Locally owned by a Costa Rican family, the security measures here are top notch. Each tour comes with at least 8 guides, and if there are children, they have a guide for each child.

The company regularly replaces gloves and helmets. It has a training line over 6 feet high so kids can gain experience before planting taller trees. This is great for kids who don’t really want to zipline.

Tamarindo Zipline Tour

The tour itself has a beautiful view of the Arenal Volcano. The guides here are also nature experts, and you will see amazing birds in the forest.

If you are in La Fortuna, this is the place to go with kids. When we are here, we stay at Volcano Lodge and Springs, Rancho Margot, or Baldy Hot Springs. If you want to visit a hot water park, visit Colombo.

Sky Adventures is one of the largest and oldest zipline companies in Costa Rica. They live in Arenal and Monteverde. They boast the longest zipline in Central America (if not all of Latin America).

This zipline thrill is perfect for adults and teens with long lines. The same company also has cable cars and an aerial tram they call the Sky Tram on the property. They also have kayaks, bikes and chocolate tours.

A Day At Diamante Eco Adventure Park

The best way to book is right on their website – you’ll find the cheapest prices and they have instructions for everything on the site. If you do not rent a car, you can get one from a travel agency that provides transportation to and from the site.

Flight through the Monteverde Cloud Forest with Selvatura. What is unique about this zipline course is that they have many different packages, including one for families. Family packages may include a butterfly garden. There are also exhibits of reptiles and amphibians.

If you want to decorate the bride and you can do it here. Definitely a stop for the family I love.

This adventure park is one of the few that offers Superman Cables for the Superman Swing. This is where you swing in the jungle on your belly. I haven’t tried it because our kids aren’t heavy enough (65 pounds) to go on these ziplines. Superman is a unique experience, so if you want to fly in the air like your favorite superhero, this is the place to go.

Wild Canyon Adventure

Keep in mind that ziplining in the Guanacaste area can be hot, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing. This park has great photo packages and you can renew, sign your waiver and reserve everything online before you go.

There is also a wildlife sanctuary on the property at an additional cost, so you can see wildebeests and other wildlife in Costa Rica. I also love that they include the Costa Rican Coffee and Food Experience (LINK) so you can experience the food and culture of Costa Rica LINK.

One of our favorite places to stay because of the property’s hot springs, the hacienda offers full-day tours. They offer packages with zipline experience, horse riding and canyoning. One of the best things about this property is that it is close to active volcanoes (such as Rincon de la Vieja Volcano), where you get a great view when you climb above the trees.

If you have a car, try booking tours through the website, it will be cheaper and easier than Liberia or local beaches such as Tamarindo, Playa del Coco and more.

Extreme Ziplines Around The World That You Can’t Miss

This is a new zip line tour near Jaco. He is American. Nature lovers will enjoy this park as they have bird watching tours. Given its proximity to Carrara National Park, you’re guaranteed to at least see scarlet macaws.

The park also offers ATV tours and is one of the only ATV/zip-line combinations. A must visit if you are in or near Jaco (eg Playa Mantas or Playa Blanca). Afterwards, you can grab a bite to eat at Jaco LINK before heading to our favorite – Crocodile Man Croc Tours.

I’m pretty sure it’s Costa Rica’s only zip line tour in a national park. I will admit that the picture of the tram plane ride inspired me to go to Costa Rica in the first place because I was mesmerized by the sight of the picture I saw in the rental book. (That’s correct!)

This park is an easy day trip from San Jose. It is also on the way to the Caribbean Sea LINK and there is nothing because of the dense rainforest. Standing on the ride’s observation deck is one of the best places to see wildlife.

Borinquen Adventure Day / Zip Lines, Horse Ride, Mud Baths

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